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Student Defense Legal Counsel in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

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It’s bad enough to get charged with a misdemeanor or felony. It’s even worse when you’re a student. Students are in a transitional period of their lives. They often depend on their current institutions and jobs to have a future to look forward to. Criminal charges can do more than just inconvenience students. If you’re found guilty, you could face eviction from your school.

This can be catastrophic for students. Here at Cohen Law Offices, we make it our top priority to safeguard those in legal need. No one has more need of our services than a student in a legal bind. Consult with us to prepare a defense for your charges. Your future may depend on it.
Drug Offenses

Legal Challenges and Student Status

Educational institutions like having a good reputation. Most schools don’t like being associated with troublemakers. They especially want students without criminal records. Having a legal incident during your stay is more than just a blemish on your record. It’s a stain on the institution you’re a part of. The easiest course for them to take is to let you go.

Maintain Your Life Plan With Our Help

However, your future likely depends on your education. You can’t afford to be kicked out of your school. That’s why you should hire our team. For nearly 30 years, we’ve given students hope for a brighter future under the law. We’ve secured their rights both inside and outside of court. We can work with you to help you have the opportunities
you deserve.

Prepare for Your Arraignment Now

Facing legal charges can be intimidating, especially when your entire future is on the line. However, with our help, you could have a second chance. Hire Cohen Law Offices today to begin your defense strategy. We want to help you have another shot at life.